Benjamin Franklin Statue in One Liberty Observation Deck in Philadelphia PA

The city's newest vantage point will be more than just a view it'll be the total Brotherly Love experience. Upon arrival to the ground floor of One Liberty Observation Deck, you'll be introduced to #TheRealPhilly. Spend some time with us to learn about the city's proud history and place in Americana, as well as take in images inspired by the nationally recognized Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, including the floor-to-ceiling sized Wyeth-esque mural by Gregory Manchess.

You'll also be greeted by a pair of giant feet belonging to a certain larger-than-life Philadelphia icon who we're pretty sure you'll recognize. Follow the kite string to the 57th floor to find out who those feet belong to. HINT: He wears bifocals and flies a kite. Along with great views, you'll find three state-of-the-art audio zones that narrate the monumental moments in Philly pop culture, music, and sports.

And did you say you wanted photo ops? Well, we have plenty. Maybe you'd like to pose in the Broad Street Bullies penalty box? Have your picture taken in front of our green screen? Either way, don't forget to tag them, #PhillyFromTheTop.

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