Hosting an Event at the One Liberty Observation Deck

Getting through the winter blues can be difficult. Gloomy, cold weather can easily cause you to hibernate inside and not come out until the temperatures are above 50 degress. Although you may not realize it, there are plenty of fun things to do in downtown Philadelphia year-round. Yes, that includes the winter! If you have a big upcoming meeting or event but you aren’t sure where to host it, consider hosting with us above the amazing city of Philadelphia.

Plan Your Event

We offer our fully enclosed observation deck that’s the perfect backdrop for your next gathering or event. Whether you want to be the host of the year at an upcoming family reunion brunch or you have plans to dance the night away with friends and family with cotton candy Philadelphia skies as your background, look no further than the One Liberty Observation Deck for your event space! The deck can accomodate up to 275 guests and we offer both semi-private and full-buyout options. Our sales sheet breaks down the nitty gritty details to get you started, but know that our team is only a phone call away as well.

Pre-Planned Packages and Events

If you simply want to show up and enjoy the benefits of our observation deck, we have plenty of can’t-miss opportunities for you as well! We offer Sky High Yoga, which is the perfect place for beginners and gurus alike to participate in a relaxing and breathtaking yoga class in more ways than one. We also have Viewtiful Tuesdays which allows the use of tripods to capture panoramoic views of the city, meet and interact with other photographers and more!

No matter how you spend your time overlooking the city, it will surely be an outing to remember. Fun things to do in downtown Philadelphia are at your fingertips!

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