Myths About Philadelphia

Maybe you’re a Philadelphia local or maybe you are in the process of planning your first trip there. Philadelphia is a city packed with tons of history and character, but it is often caught up in myths that don’t give the city the credit that it deserves. When someone says “Philadelphia,” what comes to mind? Cheesesteaks? Rocky? The Liberty Bell? A city stuck in the past? Regardless of your thoughts about Philadelphia, we’re here to set the record straight.

#1: We Want to Be New York

Calling us the “sixth borough” is an insult! It’s not because we hold a grudge against New Yorkers, rather, we take pride in all of the amazing aspects that our city has to offer. In fact, many people are beginning to move from New York to Philadelphia! We have tons to offer like a Philadelphia Observation Deck, important snippets of American history, and yes, some good cheesesteaks!

#2: We Don’t Know How to Dress

A story came out claiming that Philadelphians wear the most sweatpants in the country. While this may or may not be true, there are plenty of us that have a good sense of style. Plus, fashion designers are beginning to set up shop in Philadelphia thanks to an increase in the number of opportunities we have to offer.

#3: There’s Nothing to Do

No matter the season, there’s plenty to do in Philadelphia. See the city from a new perspective by visiting our Philadelphia observation deck officially known as One Liberty Observation Deck. Take a historical tour of the city or try the amazing food we have to offer.

Philadelphia is a bustling, growing city with attractions both old and new. If you’re interested in learning more about how to see the Philadelphia skyline from a new view, start planning your visit today!

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